Hand-Selected Buffet Crampon Clarinets

At Pereira 3D, we travel to the Buffet Crampon USA headquarters and select the very best instruments in their stock. From there, each instrument is initially set up to ensure all pads seal properly, pads are upgraded to improve the instrument's resonance and response, the mechanism is properly adjusted, poor stock bumpers are replaced, pad heights are corrected, etc. This means you receive a superb-quality instrument in great working order from the very start.

Clarinets are hand selected for their quality of wood, tone/resonance qualities, reliable intonation, and a great blow-through.

In addition, if a clarinet model you wish to purchase is not in stock, you're welcome to join me to visit Buffet Crampon USA in Jacksonville, FL to select your new instrument, or I will make a trip to select the best clarinet to fit your needs.

Explore Buffet Crampon's complete clarinet line-up:

Current Stock of Hand-Selected Instruments

Buffet R13 Bb (Silver Keys) - $4,092

Buffet R13 Bb (Silver Keys) - $4,092

Buffet R13 Bb (Silver Keys) - $4,092

Buffet R13 A (Silver Keys) - $4,867

Buffet Festival A - $5,557

Buffet E12F Bb (Silver Keys) - $2,058

Buffet R13 Prestige Bb - $6,718

Used Buffet R13 Prestige Bb (2011) - $3,500

Used Buffet R13 Prestige Bb (2017) - $4,800

Used Buffet R13 Bb (Nickel Keys) - $2,200

Upgrade Package for New Clarinets

Even though instruments are already hand-selected and set-up before purchase, we offer additional services to bring an already-great instrument to another level. We offer two packages of additional upgrades with the purchase of a clarinet:

Pereira 3D Artisan Set-up for Bb, A, and Eb Clarinets - $250

  • All pads are upgraded - Cork on the upper joint & Valentino on the lower joint unless otherwise specified

  • Beveling of particular cork pads to enhance venting/response

  • All tone holes are refinished to ensure an optimal seal

  • All original bumpers are replaced with high-quality materials to improve the overall action of keys

  • Key fitting and spring tensions are carefully regulated

  • Keys are properly lubricated

  • Final play-testing and adjustments as needed to ensure the clarinet performs at its highest potential

New/Used Instrument Repair Credit

New and Used clarinets purchased from Pereira 3D are professionally set-up initially for a good seal and mechanism, including pad adjustments/replacement, spring tension adjustments, and replacement of any bumpers that are in poor condition. We recommend that instruments should be regulated every 6 months to keep them in the ideal playing condition, so Pereira 3D offers a repair credit for instruments bought from our shop:

Student/Intermediate Clarinets (i.e. Prodige, Premium, E11) - $50 Repair Credit

Semi-Pro/Professional Clarinets (E12F, R13 & up) - $100 Repair Credit

Clarinet Inquiries & Trials

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