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Pereira 3D Artists


- Cedric Mayfield

"They look and sound great. They have improved some response issues I didn't know I was having! There is lots of projection and even response."

(Pereira 3D Balance Barrel and Bulb Style Bell)

U.S. Coast Guard Band Clarinetist

A native of Houston, Texas, Chief Musician Cedric Mayfield, clarinet, joined the U.S. Coast Guard Band in July 2010. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and the University of Memphis.

Cedric has performed in a variety of musical settings. He came to the Coast Guard Band by way of the U.S. Air Force Band in Europe, where he toured extensively as a band member, leader, and soloist. Prior to being stationed in Europe, he was a member of the U.S. Air Force Band of the West, stationed in San Antonio. In 2008, he was part of a specially collected group of musicians who embarked upon a three-month tour of the Middle East as part of a troop morale and social outreach program. In the Air Force, he performed in a variety of ensembles, including concert band and chamber music groups, as well as jazz, pop, and rock bands. As a civilian, he has also performed on a national tour of the Broadway musical The Music Man and spent four seasons with Galveston Island Musicals. Many of his compositions and arrangements were featured as a founding member of the acclaimed ensemble the S.A. Jazz Workshop. Though he expresses himself in many genres, classical music is Cedric’s first love. He has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Wynton Marsalis, Chick Corea, Kirk Whalum, Bill Mays, Marvin Stamm, Shelly Carol, B.B. King, the Village Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, and many others.

When not performing, composing, or practicing, Cedric enjoys spending time with his wife, Tamatha, and their children Jasmine, Alexus, Emmanuel, and Malaylah. He works tirelessly with his church, the Miracle Temple Church, where he performs with the music ministry and leads a men’s bible study and fellowship group. He also enjoys working out daily, playing sports, and watching a variety of movies.


“As a military musician, I am constantly performing in variable conditions. Having equipment that can provide stability and still allow me to create an exceptional musical product is vital to executing day to day performances. Pereira 3D gives me just that. Quality product, consistent sound, and the added bonus of reducing the weight of the clarinet is the icing on the cake.”

- Ashley Oliveto

(Pereira 3D R17 Barrel and Custom Bell)

U.S. Navy Band Clarinetist

Originally from Massachusetts, clarinetist Ashley Oliveto is currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan with the U.S. Seventh Fleet Band. As an active member of the ceremonial band, parade band, and woodwind quintet, she has performed for audiences throughout Japan as well as South Korea. Prior to joining the Navy, Ashley performed as a clarinet fellow with the Miami Music Festival Opera Orchestra where she played works by Puccini, Strauss, Britten, and Corigliano.


Additionally, Ashley also enjoys further study of the Alexander Technique and how it can be applied to musicians. When she’s not performing with the Navy Band, Ashley can be found volunteering at PAWS Animal Shelter or long-distance running. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Stetson University and a Master of Music in Clarinet Performance from The Boston Conservatory. Her primary teachers and mentors include Lynn Musco and Michael Norsworthy. 


- Eric Salazar

"These clarinets, barrels, ligatures, and bells are the definition of innovation. Pereira 3D isn't just using new materials and dimensions, they are also using a production technique no one has ever used before to craft valuable equipment for musicians. I chose this equipment over everything else on the market because it makes me play better and feel better."

(Pereira 3D Blackwood Clarinet and Green Series 2 Ligature)

New Music Soloist in the Indianapolis Area

“Salazar is a dynamic and creative performer who composes music pairing his

virtuoso clarinet skills against washes of electronic sound...”


— Kyle Long, NUVO Music Columnist


Eric Salazar is an emerging artist with international press attention. Dubbed a super-human clarinet hero (Big Car, 2015), Salazar pioneers the indie-classical genre. He takes his classical training and fuses together modern electronics with classical instruments, blending ancient styles with present musical trends. Salazar’s connective approach to performing wins the hearts of audiences as he guides them through explorations of raw emotion. Eric’s purpose for writing music is to create art that challenges standards, unites audiences of uncommon backgrounds, and connects souls through creative understanding. Salazar is a 2017 recipient of the Robert D. Beckmann Jr. Emerging Artist fellowship by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. When not writing and performing new music, Salazar enjoys drinking tea, playing video games, reading comics, enjoying the nightlife, and making people laugh.


“‘La energia de Eric es contagiosa y su talento a la hora de tocar su clarinete es impresionante...’


’Eric’s energy is contagious and his talent for playing his clarinet is impressive...’”


— Karla Romero, Editor-in-Chief of Eñe Monthly Magazine, Indianapolis, IN


Salazar holds a B.M. in Clarinet Performance from Ball State University and an M.M. in Clarinet Performance from Bowling Green State University. He has performed as a soloist and group musician in 8 states of the US and overseas in Belgium. Salazar resides in the Indianapolis, IN area. Here, Salazar teaches music, performs, and composes. Eric can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, and other major music platforms. He released his first EP album, Live in Chicago, in Spring of 2016. The album contains live performance recordings of Salazar's original compositions for solo clarinet and electronics. Eric is always on the lookout for talented musicians to engage in collaborative performance projects. Eric actively writes, commissions, and premieres new works for himself and classical chamber ensembles. His other professional interests include: conducting, social entrepreneurship, social media management, pedagogy, music psychology, marketing, graphic design, and project management.


Visit Eric Salazar's website and social media pages:

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"This is a fabulous barrel. It has great support without that annoying resistance. They have more core and center to them! The sound is lovely and perfect for my German system Wurlitzers."


- Michele Zukovsky

Former Principal Clarinet of the LA Philharmonic

"I've been using Ryan's 3D printed accessories for years and I just purchased a 3D printed clarinet. It plays fantastically. It has great response in all ranges. Thank you, Ryan, for making such a fantastic product!."

- David Berndt

Sugar Land, TX

"Ryan’s bells and barrels helped me kill two birds with one stone. They gave me more consistent results out of my playing without extra effort. They have also drastically reduced the weight of my clarinet. As someone who has struggled with repetitive stress injuries for the past 25 years, the latter is very important to me. In addition, Ryan’s products are remarkably consistent. Gone are the days of trying half a dozen of the same barrel/bell in order to find the best fit for your instrument. Each one of Ryan’s products is just like the other. He’s on the verge of becoming a major disruptor in the world of custom clarinet accessories."

- Bob Yoon

Naperville, IL

"The (3D Blackwood Philadelphia) barrel arrived today, and WOW! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Very even tone and response, and it corrects some intonation issues a barrel from a well-known maker didn’t correct. Now I can get back to “trusting the horn” as a mentor used to say."

- David Bergmann

Portland, OR

"I originally purchased a barrel from Ryan in early 2017 with which I have been delighted, and since then I have been playing more clarinet and curious about trying his bells just to see how they would affect my playing. I was amazed at how substantial a difference there was trying one of Ryan’s 3D printed bells versus my stock grenadilla bell. Both the 3D Blackwood and Mahogany models have a rich, focused sound, and improve the facility of playing across the break. My sound feels more homogenous and colleagues have noted that my playing sounds more “refined” with the 3D Mahogany bell I purchased. The weight reduction of the instrument is a pleasant added bonus."

- Jeffrey Beyer, Pit Musician and Doubler with

The Sound of Music National Tour, Oak Park, MI

"I've been playing on the Bold 3D 66mm 3D Blackwood Barrel and I've loved it, and now I've fallen in love (even more!) with the Philadelphia 65.5mm 3D Mahogany Barrel. Wow! Especially good for touring musicians and pops orchestra players who often play in climates/temperatures that aren't always conducive to sounding our best!"

- Terry Halvorson Jr., Touring Pit Musician, Irvins, UT

"I'm thoroughly impressed so far. The clarinet is considerably lighter and I'm able to achieve an amazing level of dynamic contrast."

- Sean Perrin, Calgary AB, Canada,

Professor of Clarinet at Mount

Royal Conservatory and

Creator of the Clarineat Podcast

"I was astonished at the amount of resonance I can get from the 3D Wood material! This barrel plays with great flexibility."

- Jonathan Cameron, Fairfax, VA

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