Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hand-selection process for Buffet Crampon instruments?

Every few months, Ryan Pereira travels to the Buffet Crampon USA headquarters and select the very best instruments in their stock. Clarinets are hand-selected for their quality of wood, tone/resonance qualities, reliable intonation, and a great blow-through. From there, each instrument is initially set up to ensure all pads seal properly, pads are upgraded to improve the instrument's resonance and response, the mechanism is properly adjusted, poor stock bumpers are replaced, pad heights are corrected, etc. This means you receive a superb-quality instrument in great working order from the very start, and it will remain in good working order for quite some time. Plus, all instruments are sold for Buffet's lowest possible price. However, Pereira 3D also offers an Artisan Set-up Package which pulls out all the stops and brings the instrument to its absolute highest potential.

What's the difference between 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany?
3D Blackwood tends to have more center/core to the sound with slightly more working resistance in comparison to 3D Mahogany. 3D Mahogany wood feels and sounds more flexible, offering a slightly bigger, bolder sound quality. Mahogany wood also has a slightly more comfortable resistance level. 3D Mahogany wood also is reddish-brown in color as opposed to traditional black.
How do 3D materials compare to traditional materials?
Our materials have been very carefully selected for sound production. The Synthetic Polymer is completely different from the properties of traditional wood (and our 3D Wood), but this can work to the player's advantage. We feel the polymer is superior to wood in terms of focusing the sound and offering a comfortable playing resistance, and the designs work around these advantages. We are not trying to copy wood. We offer an option other than wood that provides a new playing experience. The polyurethane material used for our ligatures compares to fabric style ligatures. However, while just as flexible, the slightly more rigid nature of polyurethane gives a fuller, less dampened sound. 
As of June 2016, Pereira 3D offers 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany, which combines the benefits of synthetic materials and the depth of sound found in traditionally-used woods. This material will not crack, warp, or change over time and is also light like our synthetic polymer. Furthermore, our prices remain significantly lower than other manufacturers.


What level of musician can these products benefit?
Don’t be fooled by the affordable prices; the technology allows us to offer our products at such costs. The products are made for a range of musicians, from professionals in symphony orchestras to students in marching bands. 3D Wood has the warmth and color that professionals look for while Synthetic Polymer has the response and freedom that is perfect for intermediate players and students. In addition, all the materials that we use are very durable.


Is there hand finishing involved for 3D products?

Yes. Careful hand finishing is done both inside and out after the print process to ensure the products are to exact specifications. Also, tenon sockets are finished by hand to be accurate and smooth, making the connection between parts seamless. 3D Wood products are completely hand finished inside and out to specifications.


Are 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany similar to "Greenline" material?

The premise behind these materials are the same: They are mixes including wood particles to make a crack-resistant material with the sound quality of traditional woods. 3D Wood does not contain epoxy, but rather a plant-based binding agent that holds the wooden particles together. Our 3D Woods are very durable and offer a great quality of sound.

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