Repair Services

Ryan Pereira offers a variety of services to improve the clarinet's sound, feel, and playability. This can range from a simple tune-up to a full overhaul. These services include:


  • Cleaning, Polishing, Oiling (Keys and Wood)

  • Bumper Replacements

  • Cork Replacements

  • Spring Adjustments/Replacement

  • Key Height Adjustments

  • Key Fitting

  • Noise Reduction

  • Repadding - Cork, Valentino, Skin, or Leather Pads

  • Tone Hole Resurfacing

  • Tone Hole Cleaning

  • Cork Pad Beveling

  • Barrel/Bell Matching

  • Wood Treatment/Repair

  • Crack Repair

Student Instrument Overhauls


Many student instruments have pads with a very short useful life. Playing an instrument that leaks and feels terrible is no way for a student to develop. We offer a full Valentino re-pad as well as a full overhaul service to give students options. In addition, if a student has a budget, we can work out a repair package to get a clarinet back into shape while not breaking the budget. Mechanism adjustments are included free with a re-pad!


Student Instrument Re-Pad - $160 (add $30 for cork pads on the upper joint)

Student Instrument Full Overhaul - $225


Professional (Wood) Instrument Overhauls

Professional Overhauls are designed to get an instrument to play at its very best - period. This is why I offer one overhaul option at a reasonable price point rather than various subcategories of overhauls. This service includes a full cleaning/polishing, oiling of the wood and mechanism, bumper and cork replacement, full key fitting, tone hole refinishing, full re-pad, beveling of certain cork pads, and a final play-testing. You may request a certain pad selection or use my recommendation (typically cork pads on the upper joint & Valentino Master or leather pads on the lower joint depending on your clarinet model). We can also match a barrel and/or bell to your instrument to allow it to reach a new level of playability and find a new tonal palette. If you are on a budget, a repair package can be worked out to get your clarinet into fantastic playing condition while staying within your budget. Mechanism adjustments are included free with a re-pad!


Professional Instrument Re-pad - $250

Professional Instrument Full Overhaul - $500 (Age and condition of the clarinet may result in a higher price for extra labor.)

See New Instrument Set-up information below and find prices on the Hand-Selected Buffet Clarinets page.

Have the repair shop brought to you

This is one service I am very pleased to offer as it is not done elsewhere. While we make appointments in-person and work through the mail, you can also have the repair shop brought to your location. If you live, have a studio, or work in a school that's within a 40-mile radius from Tannersville, PA, Pereira 3D will travel to your location to make repairs to your instruments. For this service, the repair work must be able to be completed within a 3-hour span of time (so a full overhaul will not qualify). An added fee of $25 will also apply for my travels. Please use the Contact page to coordinate details regarding your repair since all the proper tools must be brought to the appointment.

Why use my services?

Aside from the many years of training and performing as a clarinetist (I hold a Master's degree in Performance from the Boston Conservatory and am currently working on a DMA in Performance), a craftsman, and a repairman specializing in clarinet repair, I have spent years finding the right settings that yield the best possible results in a variety of musical settings. This ranges from pad selection, key heights, beveling of cork pads, barrel tapers/bell flares, and many more factors. My services also feature quick turnaround times and many jobs are able to be completed on the spot.


Having owned more than just Buffet clarinets (as well as a variety of Buffet models), I've discovered certain qualities and tendencies in different types of clarinets. Thus, I do not have a "cookie-cutter" process in getting a clarinet to perform at its best. I can also tailor repairs to qualities that an artist likes, such as a warmer sound with smoother legato. In addition, if a customer has particular preferences, such as pad choice, I will be happy to follow the customer's wishes at no additional charge.


Furthermore, I believe getting your instrument(s) serviced should be an exciting and rewarding experience. For that reason, I keep my prices low so artists never have to compromise on getting their clarinets to reach their potential. I will happily give a free evaluation/quote in-person or generate an estimate by submitting an online inquiry.

New Instrument Set-up / Repair Credit

Buffet Crampon clarinets purchased from Pereira 3D are hand-selected and initially set-up for a good seal and mechanism, including pad adjustments/replacement, spring tension adjustments, and replacement of any bumpers that are in poor condition. We recommend that instruments should be regulated every 6 months to keep them in the ideal playing condition, so Pereira 3D offers a repair credit for new instruments bought from our shop:

Student/Intermediate Clarinets (i.e. Prodige, E11, E12F) - $50 Repair Credit

Professional Clarinets (R13, RC, & up) - $100 Repair Credit


We also offer an additional upgrade package for players who wish to have upgraded pads, bumpers, etc. installed. Find more information regarding our instrument selection and Upgrade Packages on the Hand-Selected Buffet Clarinets page.

Repair Inquiries

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