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About Pereira 3D

My company began in 2014 when I created my first aftermarket clarinet barrel. It’s amazing how such a small part of the clarinet can affect every aspect of its performance. I was raised in a household of engineers, constantly learning about the newest technologies and their advancements. It started my work towards finding a barrel that gives me a clear, centered, and effortless sound, eventually turning to 3D printing to enhance the level of precision and customization along with the ability to experiment with new materials. From there, it expanded to a full range of products that take advantage of these great materials, including 3D-printed wood materials that will never crack, never change in dimensions, and will not require a break-in process. They're also lighter in weight, removing a notable amount of stress from the right thumb while keeping the sonic qualities of traditional wooden products.

Over the course of 4 years between my undergraduate and graduate work as a clarinet performance major, I was also a clarinet repair apprentice. Outside of working in my teacher's repair shop while a graduate student, I was able to experiment with the many aspects of setting up a clarinet and test its performance in various playing situations while in school. This ranged from pad selection to bumper materials to barrel tapers, and even beveling particular cork pads to affect the way the pad vents, among other tests. Applying my learnings at the Conservatory turned out to be invaluable since opening my shop. After my start making repairs to classmates' instruments along with others in the Boston area, I am now thrilled to have my repair shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In June 2022, I accomplished a five-year goal of mine - designing the Pereira 3D Wood Bb Clarinet, the world's first production 3D-printed clarinet. Designed from 3D Wood material, this instrument is meant to be an affordably-priced wooden clarinet that's not affected by temperature or moisture conditions (unlike traditionally used woods) while retaining the quality of sound from wood. I wanted to create a beautiful-sounding instrument that can be used in any musical context and is accessible to any musician. After an extensive development process, it's wonderful to be able to offer this newest innovation to the community. As of June 2023, the Pereira 3D Wood A Clarinet has been released to complete the orchestral set.

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I am thrilled to offer my comprehensive services for the clarinet. I look forward to helping others become more confident and excited about the equipment they play.

- Ryan Pereira
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