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Clarinet Trial Policies

Clarinet Trials In-Store

In-store clarinet trials are welcome! Simply set up a time through the Contact Page at least 1 week in advance of your visit (see address below). You will be given up to 2.5 hours to try as many instruments as you'd like. If necessary, you can take up to two instruments on trial. You must place a downpayment for one of the instruments to take them out of the shop. If neither instrument is selected, a 1.5% restocking fee will apply per instrument. If an instrument is purchased, however, the restocking fee does not apply. There are no fees involved to just try instruments in-store.

Clarinet Trials Through The Mail

Trials through the mail are also welcome if you cannot make it into the store! Clarinets are shipped fully insured via USPS. Instrument trials can only be done within the United States - no shipping internationally. The customer has 7 days from receiving the package to try the instrument(s). After the 7-day trial period, a $50 fee is charged for each day the package is not mailed back. Instruments out on trial for 14 days may not be returned and are considered sold. When shipping instruments back to Pereira 3D, you're welcome to use USPS, FedEx, or UPS, but the package MUST be insured for the full value of all instruments inside. Returned instruments will include a 1.5% restocking fee per instrument.

Before shipment, after a reputable reference check, it is required that a downpayment is received for the most expensive instrument sent out on trial. A maximum of three instruments can be shipped to the customer at a time. All confirmed sales are final, so use the trial time as needed to make a careful selection.

3D Clarinet Warranty

All of my 3D products have a lifetime structural warranty. Each product has been designed and tested to ensure parts won't be prone to breaking at a layer line from the printing process. However, if this were to occur, the customer has the option to ship back the product for repair at no cost. The warranty may be voided if the customer shows damage beyond general workmanship, material manipulation, or subjecting the instrument to extreme temperatures. Signs of normal wear and tear alone will not result in an exchange of the instrument.

Pereira 3D Shop Location

6139 Germantown Ave
Suite #310B
Philadelphia, PA 19144
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