Why we use 3D printing

There are so many benefits to making clarinet accessories using 3D technology. 3D printing is much more inexpensive, which results in lower prices for our products. The new palette of materials to choose from opens up a myriad of new options for sound, response, blow-through, etc. Barrels and bells made from traditionally-used woods are very subject to dimension changes (and cracking) when new wood is exposed to heat and moisture, causing the bores to change and affect performance particularly within the first year of use. This is no issue with Pereira 3D products, including 3D Wood.


3D Printing is a relatively new science that is rapidly expanding. Printing is an additive manufacturing process, meaning it forms parts by depositing material layer by layer rather than removing material from a blank. This wastes less material and is one of the reasons we can offer products at such affordable prices. 3D Wood is also biocompatible and is readily available since 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany is not endangered. 3D Printing's dimensional accuracy is also on par with CNC machining. Furthermore, this process allows the designer to deposit material in customized infills or patterns in order to fine-tune response and tonal characteristics. It's like programming a tree how to grow to make the most responsive, best-sounding barrel or bell.


Pereira 3D offers customers these great products at affordable prices for any artist. The three materials (3D Blackwood, 3D Mahogany, Synthetic Polymer) and various models create numerous options to match a player's sound concept while offering various levels of customization.

The materials are excellent at focusing the sound and achieving richness.

We offer our customers the option to provide custom bore measurements or outside shapes when using the "Contact Us" page to discuss the possibilities. In addition, customers can make aesthetic customizations, such as colors for synthetic products or even engraving 3D Wood products. This can all be purchased via the "Customization" option in the Online Store. You can even give us any design you may have (will require a DXF file - giving an image file will require an extra modeling charge) to put on the body of any barrel or bell. Of course, all ligatures come in 8 different colors that can be chosen right in the Store.

Customize Your Product

How It's Made

The 3D printing process creates parts by horizontally depositing layers of material until the item has been made. There is much more beneath the surface, but the multitude of factors in tweaking how each layer is made is an advantage when designing clarinet equipment.


The goal is to create the best possible products that can be made from a spool of material while taking advantage of the consistency of the materials. The prototype process required experimentation of over 30 materials along with the constant tweaking of models. Finally, we arrived at three different materials (3D Blackwood, 3D Mahogany, and Synthetic Polymer) that have astonishing response qualities and unique tonal characteristics. We are pleased to offer these barrels, bells, mouthpieces, and ligatures after such an extensive yet rewarding research and development process!


We encourage you to contact us via the "Contact" page regarding any questions about our products.

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