3D Manufacturing

Pereira 3D is now offering manufacturing services for custom parts of almost any nature. This can range from free files found on Thingiverse to making prototype parts from STL files to modeling a part from scratch. You may also use our 3D modeling service if you do not currently have a file! Here are some of the custom parts we have manufactured for others in the past:


  • Microphone mounts

  • Clarinet stands

  • Modern art pieces

  • Car interior vents

  • Pet toys

  • Jewelry stands

  • Yarn spooling equipment

  • Topographic maps in 3D


The possibilities for 3D printing are endless. In addition, you get a choice from various materials (in a wide range of colors), including ABS, PLA, nylon, carbon fiber, wood, metal, glass-infused synthetic materials, and more.


Feel free to start an order using the form below. You can receive a free quote or help to begin the process of creating a new part.

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