Pereira 3D Wood Bb Clarinet

The world's first production 3D printed clarinet, made from 3D printed blackwood by Pereira 3D Clarinet Services! This instrument is meant to be an affordably-priced wood clarinet that can be used in any setting or environment without worry. 3D Wood is NOT affected by moisture and temperature conditions, so the bore dimensions will remain the same over the life of the instrument. The tone holes will remain in pristine condition as well. This is the perfect option from playing in the symphony orchestra to playing gigs outdoors.


The bore is a slightly German-inspired polycylindrincal design which offers a warm, centered sound that responds very evenly across the registers. Pereira 3D clarinets come with 2 barrels in different lengths to accomodate your tuning preferences. Due to the slight German adaptation in the bore design, the barrel lengths are slightly shorter than on other brands (65mm & 64mm). There is also a special texturing technique which is applied to the bore for improved airflow and tone quality, which is designed to balance the 3D Wood material for best performance. This texturing technique is also done on Pereira 3D barrels and bells. Lots of time was devoted in the design process to allow the tone to have a natural depth and resonance while achieving excellent intonation.


There has never been an instrument close to this price point that is extensively tuned, adjusted, and set-up by hand!


Some of the features include:


- Polycylindrical bore design (R13 style with a slightly Germanic adaptation)

- Valentino pads/cork register pad

- 2 custom Pereira 3D Blackwood barrels standard (Select Philadelphia** barrels for a more traditional Moennig-style barrel design or Bold barrels for an even darker, warmer quality of sound)

- Raised C/G tone hole

- Traditional nickel silver keys (more options coming soon)

- Adjustable thumbrest with a loop for a neck strap

- Comes with a Protec case


While this instrument's material is not susceptible to weather conditions causing to cracking or warping, it is highly recommended that the instrument is not left in extreme hot temperatures, such as being left in a hot car. The material does have temperature resistance, but any potential damage from extreme condition can void the warranty.


This instrument does not come with a mouthpiece included. The first production batch is expected to ship in mid-July. Pre-order now to reserve yours!


**Ryan's personal barrels of choice are the Philadelphia model barrels

Pereira 3D Wood Bb Clarinet

  • Customers are allowed a 7 day trial for 3D Clarinets from the date the package arrives. There is a 3% trial/sanitization fee per returned clarinet, which will be subtracted from the refund. Items must not be damaged or scratched in any way, or the item will be considered sold. For any questions, refer to the "Contact" page.

  • All products have a lifetime structural warranty. Each product has been designed and tested to ensure parts won't be prone to breaking at a layer line from the printing process. However, in the event that this were to occur, the customer has the option to ship back the product for a replacement. The warranty may be voided if customer shows damage beyond general workmanship, material manipulation, or neglect of the instrument in extreme temperatures. Signs of normal wear and tear alone will not result in exchange of an instrument.