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Philadelphia 3D Wood Barrels

The Philadelphia line is designed as a tribute to traditional barrel-making but with a modern adaptation. Philadelphia barrels feature a bore design that's reminiscent of the famed Philadelphia barrel-making tradition, though the design is slightly altered to perfectly balance the qualities of 3D Wood. These barrels have a slightly textured bore to improve airflow and produce more resonance and warmth in the sound. This is done while still creating a free-blowing experience thanks to the material and taper. The Philadelphia line has the most core, center, and resonance in the sound out of the entire Pereira 3D lineup and is the best balance between warmth and ring! These barrels, in both the Standard Bore and Model A Bore, will work with Bb and A clarinets.


Standard Bore: The Moennig-style reverse taper tradition

Model A Bore: Slightly smaller bore with added focus and core to the sound


Available in 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany. Barrels come in lengths from 55mm-68mm and accommodate all instrument types. If a custom length is needed that is not listed or your instrument has unusual socket dimensions, please send a message via our Contact page.

Philadelphia 3D Wood Barrels