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Pereira 3D Series 2 Clarinet Ligatures

Customizable to your needs! This flexible ligature includes 3 interchangeable plates that go against the reed. These plates include 3D Wood and 2 different designs in Polyurethane material (the material of the ligature's body). Pereira 3D Ligatures also have balance points on the sides of the reed as well as two "shields" behind the single screw on the front of the ligature to enhance response and reduce slippage. All ligatures come with a matching mouthpiece cap.


3D Wooden Plate: 2-rail design, focused, fuller sound

V-Shaped Polyurethane Plate: Flexible and free-blowing

Flat Polyurethane Plate: Secure feel and a nice cover to the sound


Ligatures will conform to the player's mouthpiece/reed setup over the first few days due to the ligature's material. The ligature will not stretch out after this "break-in" period. These are currently only available for Bb Clarinet in black.

Pereira 3D Series 2 Clarinet Ligatures

  • Customers are allowed a 7 day trial of clarinet barrels, bells, and ligatures from the date they arrive. There is a $5 restocking fee for returned Pereira 3D ligatures, which will be subtracted from the refund. Items must not be damaged or scuffed in any way, or the item will be considered sold. For any questions, refer to the "Contact" page. Note** PayPal seller fees cannot be refunded and will also be excluded from refunds if paid via PayPal.

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