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Eb Clarinet Bells

Eb clarinet bells translate all the great benefits of our Bb clarinet bells, including a lightweight construction that truly lets the instrument resonate. The bell flare is carefully crafted to allow the instrument to respond smoothly without constriction. These Eb clarinet bells especially pair well with our Eb clarinet extensions!


**Please note that different brands of Eb clarinets can vary widely in socket dimensions. If you have a less common brand that's not listed under the "Instrument Types," make a note on your order with measurements to ensure your new product will properly fit.


Available in 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany woods and will fit Buffet, Selmer, Yamaha, and other instrument makes by selecting from the dropdown menu. If your instrument is an usual brand, measure the diameter and depth of the stock bell socket to ensure a proper fit and send it using the "Contact" page.

Eb Clarinet Bells