Eb Clarinet Barrels (w/ Bb Reed Cutout)

Pereira 3D Eb barrels are a fantastic way to enhance Eb clarinet playing. Their small-bore construction makes for a precise, predictable response and remedies some of the erratic tuning characteristics of the instruments. In addition, these barrels feature a cutout on the back of the barrel so the player can use an untouched Bb clarinet reed on their Eb clarinet. This model also features a 3D Bronze metal ring on the bottom of the barrel for added core and density in the sound.


**Please note that different brands of Eb clarinets can vary widely in socket dimensions. If you have a less common brand that's not listed under the "Instrument Types," make a note on your order with measurements to ensure your new product will properly fit.


Available in 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany woods in half-mm lengths from 40mm-45mm. Eb barrels also fit Buffet, Selmer, and other clarinet models by selecting from the dropdown menu.

Eb Clarinet Barrels (w/ Bb Reed Cutout)

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