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Color Series Customizable Synthetic Clarinet Barrels (Free Engraving)

Customization to the next level! Featuring the same reverse taper bore from the popular Balance Clarinet Barrels, these barrels combine improved tuning and response with your own personal flare. Choose from any color scheme and stripe patterns between red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lavender, white, gray, and black. You can even have it engraved! Color schemes are up to 4 colors. If you'd prefer the barrel as 1 solid color, select your prefered color under "Color 1." If you'd prefer multiple stripes of color, input each color as needed from top to bottom. Engraving is free, but optional, for Color Series Synthetic Clarinet Barrels!


Custom barrel lengths are available if you contact us! Color Series Barrels are only available in synthetic material, lengths 55mm-68mm to accommodate all models of instruments. Simply select your instrument type on the dropdown menu.

Color Series Customizable Synthetic Clarinet Barrels (Free Engraving)

Color 1 (top stripe or a solid color)
Color 2 (if applicable)
Color 3 (if applicable)
Color 4 (if applicable)
  • Customers are allowed a 7 day trial of clarinet barrels and bells from the date they arrive. There is a $7 sanitization/trial fee per returned item, which will be subtracted from the refund. Items must not be damaged or scratched in any way, or the item will be considered sold. For any questions, refer to the "Contact" page. Note** PayPal seller fees cannot be refunded and will also be excluded from refunds if paid via PayPal.

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