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3D Wood Standard Bb/A Clarinet Bells

The Pereira 3D Bells provide the player with a improved comfort, improved focus in the sound, and more predictability in the response. These bells weigh nearly 1/2 the weight of standard bells and take a notable amount of stress off the right thumb - a must for those dealing with tension or wrist issues! The internal design of 3D Wood Bells is unique to anything on the market. These feature a focusing "lip" followed by a voicing groove that adds both clarity to the sound and flexibility to the response. The bottom of the flare features a very slight egg-like chamber which adds a unique color to the sound. You will also find much improved control of response and dynamics! This bell is also suitable for both Bb and A clarinets. As with all of Pereira 3D's materials, you will not experience changing or warping of the bore nor will the material crack.


3D Blackwood Bell - Nice center in feel/response with focused, "pingy" sound

3D Mahogany Bell - More flexibility and a great balance between a focused and round sound

Pereira 3D Bells are suitable for all standard models on instruments by selecting your instrument make from the dropdown menu.

3D Wood Standard Bb/A Clarinet Bells

  • Customers are allowed a 7 day trial of clarinet barrels and bells from the date they arrive. There is a $7 sanitization/trial fee per returned item, which will be subtracted from the refund. Items must not be damaged or scratched in any way, or the item will be considered sold. For any questions, refer to the "Contact" page. Note** PayPal seller fees cannot be refunded and will also be excluded from refunds if paid via PayPal.

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