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3D Printed Accessories, Clarinets Finished by Hand, & Artisan Repair Services

Pereira 3D is a comprehensive clarinet shop that offers services to bring an artist's equipment to a new level with hand-crafted accessories, clarinets, repairs, and overhauls.

"They look and sound great. They have improved some response issues I didn't know I was having!"

- Cedric Mayfield

U.S. Coast Guard Clarinetist


"Having equipment that can provide stability and still allow me to create an exceptional musical product is vital to executing day to day performances..."

- Ashley Oliveto

U.S. Navy Clarinetist


"I chose this equipment over everything else on the market because it makes me play better and feel better."

- Eric Salazar

New Music Soloist & Composer in the Indianapolis Area

Hand-Finished Pereira 3D Bb & A Clarinets

 Pereira 3D clarinets are assembled and extensively tuned in the shop before sale. All instruments are professionally set up so it's ready to play from the start. They are made from 3D Wood filament, which offers the depth and resonance of wood with the crack-free and stable qualities of a synthetic material.


Pereira 3D is proud to offer a wide variety of services to not only get your clarinet playing like new but reach a new level of performance - from small tune-ups to full overhauls.

6139 Germantown Ave
Suite #310B
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Artisan Repairs, Restorations, & Overhauls

Clarinet Barrels

4 barrel profiles to accommodate different tonal concepts

The World's First
3D Printed Clarinets & Accessories
3D Printing Technology
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Clarinet Bells

Specially designed to improve clarity and focus
Pereira 3D bells have been a breakthrough for the clarinet due to the impact on tone quality and the weight reduction of the instrument, causing significantly less stress and tension on the right thumb. The 3D Wood material and the bell's design help focus the sound and allow for easier transitions between the clarinet's registers.
3D Printed Clarinet Bell

Innovative Ligatures

Flexible response without dampening the sound
IMG_1249 copy_edited_edited.jpg
Pereira 3D's Clarinet Ligatures have been designed to improve upon the classic fabric style of ligatures. These ligatures allow freedom of response and a comfortable resistance while allowing a much fuller sound without dampening. This is due to its structural design and the polyurethane material.

Pereira 3D Merchandise Is Here!

  • Choose from shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, water bottles, and other accessories

  • High-quality materials for comfort and longevity

  • Many colors available for most products


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Contact Information

Pereira 3D Shop Location

6139 Germantown Ave
Suite #310B
Philadelphia, PA 19144
(570) 994-3145

Shop Hours (by appointment only):

Monday-Saturday 10 AM-6 PM

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