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Pereira 3D Single & Double Reed Cases

Pereira 3D reed cases feature climate control (via Boveda 72% 2-way humidity packs - one pack is included per case) and an innovative design that allows reeds to ventilate properly while being subject to proper humidity levels so each reed performs at its best. All cases work well with both cane and synthetic reeds.


Each case is made from a durable and eco-friendly material that is specially chosen to safely store reeds. The material is easily washable with water and soap when necessary. Make sure the reed case is not subject to extreme heat conditions.


For Pereira 3D Double Reed Cases, there's a choice between the standard humidity-controlled version and a version without the humidity-control system which features ventilation holes in the case's lid to promote drying.


You can also add custom engraving to any reed case! See the example on the righthand side of the second photo (note the reed case on the left is a Color Series version). Show off your ensemble, add your name, or include a message as a gift.


Available in black, blue, and red colors for each version. Check out the Color Series version for beautiful multi-color gradient cases as well! Versions include:

Eb Clarinet/Bb Clarinet/Alto Sax (Holds 6 Reeds)

Eb Clarinet/Bb Clarinet/Alto Sax (Holds 12 Reeds)

Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet/Contralto & Contrabass Clarinets (Holds 6 Reeds)

Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet/Contralto & Contrabass Clarinets (Holds 10 Reeds)

Oboe/Bassoon (Holds 5 Reeds)

Pereira 3D Single & Double Reed Cases

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