Balance Synthetic Barrels

A barrel is something that can revive an underachieving instrument or bring an instrument to a whole new level. Perfect for the artist on a budget, Balance barrels are a great step towards enhancing the sound and response of your instrument. This reverse taper bore design will focus the sound in addition to improving tuning of the 12ths. Never before has a brand new clarinet barrel with a professional bore been offered at such an affordable price, and we are excited to offer this to the community thanks to 3D printing technology!


Custom barrel lengths are available if you contact us! Balance Barrels are only available in the Synthetic Polymer material, lengths 55mm-68mm to accommodate all models of instruments. Simply select your instrument type on the dropdown menu.

Balance Synthetic Barrels

Instrument Type
  • Customers are allowed a 7 day trial of clarinet barrels and bells from the date they arrive. There is a $7 sanitization/trial fee per returned item, which will be subtracted from the refund. Items must not be damaged or scratched in any way, or the item will be considered sold. For any questions, refer to the "Contact Us" page.

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