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Mouthpiece Services of Nikhil Bartolomeo

Pereira 3D is proud to offer the mouthpiece refacing services of New York-based craftsman Nikhil Bartolomeo. He is a skilled craftsman with a natural feel for the craft who has learned mouthpiece anatomy for a number of years. His studies have taught him what makes optimal response, stability, and resonance.


Services and Rates​

Refacing & Customization - $100 plus $8 return shipping

Adjustment of the mouthpiece's tip opening and curve for balance, improved response, and tonal resonance. Refacing also flattens the table, which can be quite concave on many mass-produced mouthpieces. The side rails, tip rail, baffle, and chamber are also inspected and adjusted to further improve balance, response, and blow-through.

Vandoren Mouthpiece Optimization - $80 plus $8 return shipping

Mass-produced mouthpieces are an exceptional value. However, Nikhil has a process of improving them to truly take their potential to another level. This includes flattening the table, correcting asymmetry in the facing, dialing in the curve measurements to yield more efficiency, and more. This service also applies to D'Addario Reserve mouthpieces.


Mouthpiece Tip Rail Chip Repair - $140 plus $8 return shipping

Has your favorite mouthpiece suffered an unfortunate fall? All may not be lost. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be able to be restored. The chip is filled with an epoxy compound, the tip is reshaped, and then the mouthpiece is refaced to original (or custom) specifications. The epoxy cures a gray color, but its structural qualities make it perfect for this use.


To set up a refacing, restoration, or repair, send a message using the Contact Page or send an Email directly.

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