New Tradition "Imprima" 3D Wood Barrels

(Limited Time Model!) The Imprima from the Next Generation lineup! Featuring a more traditional reverse taper bore, the Imprima takes traditions to a whole new level. The body of the barrel is angled 6-degrees to allow the clarinet to be held closer to the player's body. This helps playing posture, use of a neck strap, fatigue on the thumb over longer periods of time and the internal geometry allows the player to more easily control the response. With the angle in the bore, this barrel centers the sound and response unlike any other barrel we offer.


Available in 3D Blackwood and 3D Mahogany. Barrels come in lengths from 55.5mm-67mm and accommodate all instrument types. If a custom length is needed that is not listed, please send a message via our Contact page.

New Tradition "Imprima" 3D Wood Barrels

Bore Type
Instrument Type
  • Customers are allowed a 7 day trial of clarinet barrels and bells from the date they arrive. Up to 6 barrels and 4 bells per trial are allowed. There is a $7 trial fee for each item, which will be subtracted from the refund. Items must not be damaged or scratched in any way, or the item will be considered sold. For any questions, refer to the "Contact Us" page.

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