Customization/Engraving (With a Barrel/Bell Purchase)

Customize your new Pereira Clarinet Barrel or Bell with engraving, custom colors, or even a special material. This added option gives you a chance to further personalize your barrel. Furthermore, you can have Synthetic products in custom colors of your choice or custom staining for our wooden products. You may request our 3D Crystal material, as shown in the second photo, which is a glass-infused synthetic material. All customization is done for a flat fee.

For custom engraving, please enter the desired text in the text box on this page. For custom colors, this can only be done using Synthetic Polymer material (Bold, R17, and New Tradition barrels can also be made in synthetic for this purpose). Please use the "Contact" page and submit a message to describe the color scheme you would like on your new barrel or bell. Custom wood stains are also available under this customization option.


Synthetic Barrel Color Options: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Grey, White - combinations of these colors in striped patterns are also welcome. The lead time may be 1-3 days longer for products with custom colors.

Customization/Engraving (With a Barrel/Bell Purchase)

  • Products with custom work are NOT refundable. All sales are final.

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